Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brothers and Birthdays

Wrigley: We are finally making progress, can you believe it? Today is the very first morning that Cobalt hasn't hissed at me at all. He was being so mean to me the last couple of days. I couldn't even come close to him without getting hissed at, and even sometimes whapped. What a mean brother I have. Cobalt seems to be his good old self this morning, and we're hoping the attitude is gone for good. Especially me, because I like having a brother to play with. [';p=[ {{Wrigley's input}}

As you can see, the past couple of days, Cobalt hides from me...and when I find him, he gives me the laser eyes.
He was no fun at all!
This is what we looked like when we were eating. When we eat dry food, we're okay but when we get stinky goodness, Cobalt would finish and have food ALL over his collar. Silly boy.
Enough with the flashy box!
Here we are, somewhat happy with each other, looking outside.
And me by myself.Yesterday the beans couldn't find me and they looked ALL over. This is where they found me. Cobalt and I looooove to play here.
Yesterday was our mommies birthday!!! We will tell you how old she turned if you promise not to tell anyone. So shhhhhh, she turned 24! Can you see she got a little bit sunburned? It was almost 85 here yesterday. We are loooooving this warm weather. We hope it doesn't go away.
And we all know what birthdays mean....CAKE!!!

nom nom nom. This stuff is delicious. We only got a very little bit of frosting because it had some chocolate in it. :-( For our birthday, they better buy vanilla!
Can you believe what those beans did to me?!

We sure love birthdays!!! We wish we had them more often so we could eat lots and lots of cake!

P.S. Did you see the beans took off our collars? We have to be very careful though because the directions from the vet said to wear them for up to 10 days. We don't want to get in trouble. But we aren't playing rough, licking our incisions, and we are being supervised. So, I think it's okay.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

They're Back!

This is the boys this morning before they went to the vet for their big hoohaectomies. It was a long day, and I worried a TON, but they are home now and seem to be doing okay.

I got a call from the vet this morning and the vet noticed that Wrigley's big boy teeth were popping through, just like Cobalt's has previously been. So she wanted our permission to pull his baby teeth. We gave the permission and Wrigley had his 2 baby teeth pulled. Besides that, everything went smoothly...or so I thought! HAHA. I got to the vet and she gave us our total which didn't sound right to me. So, I asked if they had done everything we requested. As it turns out, they didn't chip them. So while we were there waiting, they got chipped. It must have hurt because we could hear their cries all the way up in the waiting room. Poor guys.

Anyways, now we are home, and everybody seems to be doing good. Cobalt, though, seems to be really mad. He has been hissing like crazy at Wrigley and won't seem to give him a break. Then Chris decided to hold a mirror in front of him and he hissed at his reflection. So we think he just doesn't like the collars they have to wear. Oh well...7-10 days of this stuff. I don't know how we're going to last that long. Hopefully they'll be healed up good by the end because on the 9th day my mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law are coming and they haven't met the boys yet. So I hope they're in good loving moods. Only time will tell.

Here they are right when we got home. Cute huh? The vet and all the techs just loved them. They said any time ANYBODY walked past their cage they just started crying and meowing like crazy. These boys just loved to be loved. HAHA!
I get to show off Wrigley's new look!
Chris with Cobalt. (Sorry Chris, I know this isn't your most flattering picture)

Wrigley going potty for the first time. I know, not his best place to be posing, but it was a good photo op because he was sitting still.
Laser eyes to beam these collars somewhere far away.

Can we still be man cats even though we do not have man bits? We hope the answer is yes!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Sorry I have been so bad at posting recently. Chris and I are in the process of moving (well not really, we'll be moving next month) but we've been in constant contact with a realtor and are trying to find a place to live. Ahhh, talk about stressful.

Tonight, I got home from work, and as usual I picked up Cobalt to check his poor teeth. Well guess what...they fell out! I think my scare tactics worked. I told Cobalt that if his teeth didn't fall out before he got neutered, then they'd probably have to yank them out then. Well what do you know, they fall out the night before! Yay Cobalt, you're on your way to becoming a big boy.

So that, obviously, leads me to my second point. Wrigley and Cobalt are going to be neutered tomorrow. I'll be dropping them off tomorrow morning between 7:00-7:30 and I can pick them up at 5:30. We've elected to do the pre-op blood panel and also fluids under the skin. I'm getting the blood work done just because I'm totally freaked out because of Zeus. If you remember from my introductory post, we had him for about 5 weeks before he died, at the age of 12 weeks, from a congenital kidney defect. So I'm just terrified that we'll run into that same sort of problem. Then we're also going to get them micro chipped.

So tomorrow is going to be a big day for the boys and I know I'll be worried about them all day. So please purrrrray for them and hope that they come through it okay. I'll update again tomorrow once they come home.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We got tagged for a meme! Yay. We were tagged by Eric and Flynn to do the "Middle Name Meme".

Here is how it works:

1. You have to post the rules before you give your answers.

2. You must list one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. (If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name or your mother's maiden name).

3. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag one person (or blogger of another species) for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged.)

Cobalt: We don't have middle names, so we are going to use our maiden names. On the Petfinder website my name was Hobbes.

H- handsome. My mommy tells me I'm handsome every single day. I think I look very many with my little white patch of fur under my chin.

O- ornery. Ha! I am not very social when the beans want to play with me. I also get mad very easily. I don't play any games, lol!

B- bashful. Well, only when I want to be. I don't like it when humans come near me, but I will come up to them and stick my head in their faces until they pay attention to me. I will walk all over them and walk on their computer and just beg and beg for attention. I even cry at their bedroom door all night until they come see me. But the second THEY want to come by me...I run away!

B- bizarre. Mom says I'm bizarre because I like to do crazy things. I run around a lot and sometimes I run into the sliding door or jump up and bash my head on the window. I never seem to learn that there is a piece of glass there, lol! I also like running aimlessly around the apartment. Most of the time the beans are directly in our path so we make sure to cause the most inconvenience to them.

E- energetic. I have tons of energy, of course this is to be expected as I am still a kitten. I run around all the time and I've even learned how to jump up and grab the door handles. (I'm smart and know thats how you open the door) Unfortunately, for me, our apartment has the circular door handles and not the long ones, so I can't turn them to open the doors.

S- sneaky. I am VERY sneaky. I like to hide where Wrigley can't find me and then jump out at the last second and pounce on him. I also like to be sneaky and hide from the beans.

Wrigley: My turn! Can you guess what my name was before I was adopted? I bet you can. If you guessed Calvin, then you are correct!!

C- cuddly. I love to cuddle and I don't mind if the beans pick me up and snuggle me. I wish I could be around them all the time. My lapdaddy is my favorite and the second he sits or lays down, I run right over to be next to him.

A- alert. I pay attention to everything. I love sitting in front of the window and observing everything outside. Anytime I hear a little sound, I have to get up and go investigate.

L- lucky. I think I am very lucky that I found this great furrrever home. I am also incredibly lucky that the beans adopted me AND Cobalt and didn't just pick one of us. I would have been very sad if we had to be separated.

V- vocal. I am very vocal. If a hand even come near me, I start purring as loud as I can. The beans say it's like having a massage chair because my whole body vibrates when I purr. I also love to meow and tell the beans how much I love them.

I- idiotic. I couldn't think of anything for "I" and Cobalt found this word on an "Adjective List". He made me do it. This concept is so foreign to me, I don't even know what the word means. But the bean is laughing and well, she thinks it's funny so I guess I'll go along with it. But I'll give Cobalt a whap later.

N- nonchalant. I am very laid back and things don't bother me much. Unlike Cobalt, it's very hard to make me angry. The beans can do whatever silly things they want to me and I don't care. Luckily, they haven't abused this yet...but if they do too many crazy things to me, well...things could change.

Wow, that was really hard!! Sorry if our answers were terrible, our bean isn't exactly "with it" this morning. Since many of you have already done this, we aren't going to tag anyone. But feel free to participate if you haven't already.