Sunday, May 24, 2009

Okay I know I hardly ever post anymore so I doubt anyone will even see this. But it is just so freaky I have to share. I'm going to just copy and paste from my personal journal.

Okay, this is so totally freaky!!! Well, I guess not really, but my stomach is in knots just thinking about it. So as you all know last October we adopted Penelope when they were having a pet fair type thing at Petsmart. Well now every time we go to Petsmart I go over to the area where they have the kitties, they usually have about 6-8 cats. (When we got Penelope it was a big event and the shelter brought in TONS more) So anyways, today we went to Petsmart and of course, I had to go look at the cats. So I walked up to the glass and before I even got to the glass, a black kitty in one of the top cages jumped down, ran to the front of it's cage, and let out a huge meow. Of course I had to run in to meet her. Turns out the kitties name was Pammy and she was SO friendly. She was rubbing up against the cage the whole time so I could pet her whole body. The second I'd stop, she'd stick one of her paws out and try to tap me so that I would pet her some more. So cute!!

Anyways, my aunts name is Pam so tonight I called her to tell her we met a super friendly cat with the same name. I decided to go to the animal shelters website to get Pammy's picture so I could e-mail it to my aunt. Though first, I decided to go look at the adopted pets section and look at Penelope. I found her (she was then called City Girl) and read her little blurb. Guess what it said?!

"I am very sweet and friendly. I came to Hart without a mom, by Pammy and her litter welcomed me to the family. We are great together and would be happy to be placed in a home with another kitty or maybe one of my foster brothers or sisters (see Kittens-Pammy's babies)"

So then I found Pammy's page and read her blurb...

"Hi, I am Pammy. I was found wandering the streets of Frederickburg very pregnant. We are pretty sure that my family moved and left me behind. Fortunately for me, Hart brought me in and gave me a safe and comfortable place to have my babies (see Kittens - Pammy's Babies). In return, I agreed to adopt a tiny little stray kitty from Washington DC (see Kitten - City Girl). Now that my mothering days are finished and I'm spayed, I am very eager to have a home and family to call my own. I love attention and petting. I love playtime, too! "

I absoultely can't believe it. Pammy is practically Penelope's mommy!!! It's so crazy. Now I feel all super attached and like I need to find Pammy a good home because she took care of Penelope when she had no one. So Heather....when you move to a place of your own...adopt Pammy!!!! Oh I seriously hope I can find someone to adopt Pammy. We got Penelope nearly 7 months ago, so that means Pammy has been there for quite some time. I hate seeing pets locked up like that. Oh gosh, it's just so heartbreaking.