Sunday, March 30, 2008

Too Many Teeth?!

Howdy! You guys all get to hear from me, the mombean, today! How exciting, right? HAHA.

Anyways, this afternoon I was massaging Cobalts gums and I happened to open his mouth and noticed he has some extra teeth. He has 2 canines on each side.

I don't know how I didn't notice this earlier, so I'm thinking it must have just happened in the last couple of days? Or else I just really haven't been paying enough attention, haha! My guess is that the bigger teeth are his baby teeth and the smaller ones are his adult teeth that have just started to come through. Though I really have no idea. I've done some Google searching and thats all I can seem to find. As you can see in the pictures, his gums look very inflamed, but that could just be because there are 2 teeth in there. They aren't discolored and it doesn't seem to be bothering him. Should I call the vet first thing tomorrow morning? Should I be worried? They go in on April 10th for their neuter, which is only like 2 weeks away. So I guess that gives time for the baby teeth to fall out. And if they don't, they can pull them while he's under the anesthesia for the neuter. I'm just not even sure if thats whats going on. I've never experienced a cat loosing their teeth before. So I'm not sure what to look for. Poor guy!

In more exciting news (for us!) Chris and I had a little "photo shoot" with the boys yesterday. They hated it!!

Here is Wrigley, dressed up as an elephant.
Cobalt waited patiently on the sidelines laughing to himself that poor Wrigley had to put on a ridiculous hat and have his picture taken.
Little did he know, that he would be subjected to the same treatment just a few minutes later.
He was NOT amused.
How about some group shots instead...Take 2...
Take 3...Cobalt looks even madder!!
At least they were rewarded with Temptations!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Wrigley: You guys will NEVER believe what has been going on with us!! Okay, maybe you will, but we sure don't believe it. Guess what was at our house last weekend? A WOOFIE!! Yes, a real live woofie, and we didn't like it one bit.

Cobalt: Actually Wrigley is lying..we really didn't like it. We were scared stiff of him.

Wrigley: No, YOU were scared stiff of him. I at least got close to the cage. But anyways, our mom bean's cousin has this dog called Riley. Well her cousin and her husband went off to Saint Louis (maybe they went to see the meezers?) for Easter and they left Riley here with us. When he first came, we were really scared and we hid in the shower.

Cobalt: Yep, we both were in the shower and we had to puff up really big so that we could show the woofie that he was in our territory and we were not going to put up with it. We hissed and made scary noises but the woofie wasn't scared. He just wanted to play. But we wanted none of that. Sooo, the beans had us locked up in the guest bedroom (which is really ours!) and we only got to come out a little bit each day when the Riley woofie is in his cage. We guess it was not so bad but we didn't like not having free reign of the apartment.

Wrigley: Thankfully the woofie is left on Monday to go back to his house. I hope our beans never want to get a woofie. Now, we will show you some pictures of us and the woofie. Mombean says she is sorry they are of such poor quality but she was shooting fast and not fooling with the camera settings.

Here we are right after Riley arrived at our house. We were stuck in the shower and boy, were we scared!!
All Riley wanted to do was play.
And eat his bone...
Which I decided looked delicious, so I had a taste too!But we decided to keep our distance and watch Riley (who was locked in a cage while were out) from underneath an end table. (See our new PTU, we LOVE it, and we go in it to cuddle even when we aren't going to the vet. It's great. The beans are going to buy another one so we can each have our own...we're almost big enough to not have to share!!)
However, after being coaxed by some treats, I decided to get a little closer.
And that was about as close as we got!! Woofies are so scary!

P.S. Sorry it has taken us SO long to post yet again. We have had this entry typed up since last Saturday and for some reason, blogger wouldn't let us add pictures. :-( So the bean decided to use photobucket instead. Then on Monday, the beans had their very first wedding anniversary so they were a little busy going out to dinner and stuff. Oh, and another thing we forgot to say in our absence, Cobalt and I both had double ear infections two weeks ago! We had to get our ears cleaned twice a day and get medicines. It was no fun but we're glad we're all better now. And in related news, on April 10th, we both get our manbits taken away.

Anyways in closing, we will show you some of the beans favorite pictures from their wedding.



Saturday, March 15, 2008

Playing Catsup & Our Packages

Wrigley: We have been working on playing catsup today and truthfully, it's not going so well. There are so many of you, and so many entries. We don't know how we are going to catsup. And mom still has to play catsup on her personal bloggie. Yikes!! It feels like we will be doing this for the rest of our lives. Maybe we will just start catching up on some of the entries since it is taking so long. We hope that is okay with you guys.

Secondly, we are going to post some pictures from two packages we received. Sorry the pictures aren't the best, but we weren't really cooperating.

First, we got the calendar we won from the Tuxedo Gang Hideout.
Wrigley was a little more excited to see it than Cobalt was.Oooh, I better check the package over before we open it.Looks good! "Dad, can you help me open it please?"Sure, Wrigley!Oooh, NOW Cobalt wants to investigate! Aren't all the kitties cute?
Secondly we got a package from our twins across the pond, Lyra and Caesar. We were very happy and excited to get it. Sorry the first couple of pictures came out funky, so we'll have to skip to once the box was already opened.Wow, a "Loofah Cat". We got a purple one and a yellow one. They are so cool. We love running around with them.This is all of our loot! Isn't everything wonderful? Our favorite is those multi-colored things all the way on the left. We LOVE them. We bash them around everywhere and run around with them in our mouths. They are just about the only toy we play with now. We play with them all day every day...well except for when we are sleeping or eating!It also came with 2 sample packs of Temptations. We had never tried them before and WOW, now we know what we were missing out on. Cobalt would NEVER eat treats before, and he just scarfs these down. So does Wrigley! Now we know what all the hype was about.
Cobalt LOVED the temptations and decided to go snooping for them after the beans stopped giving them to us.Good idea Cobalt, you better get into the box.Hurry up Cobalt, I'm getting hungry back here. I can't wait much longer.Geez Cobalt, you aren't doing such a good job. You better let me get in there and have a turn.Oooh it's fun playing in boxes.Even the beans nephew, Joey, got in on the action. He had SO much fun playing with the paper inside.
Thank you for the packages everyone. They are very much appreciated.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We're Back!!

Cobalt: Sorry we've been gone for so long and so unexpectedly. Our lapdaddies brother and wife along with 2 babies came to visit. It was hard having to share our space with them. On the first day, our mombean stopped by during her work and found us hiding behind the refrigerator. But eventually, we were used to them and came out more. The beans took pictures with them so we can post those hopefully tomorrow.

Then, last weekend our beans left us. Can you believe it? They went somewhere called Chicago where our mombean grew up. They went for a wedding and left us home alone. But we had a cat babysitter person come to take care of us. It was nice that they had somebody to come look after us. A girl named Kim came two times over the weekend to play with us and make sure we had food and water. She was really nice. The most awful thing about the trip though, is when the beans got home, we found pictures of ANOTHER kitty on their camera. So not cool. Mom said that this cats name is Wolfie, well his real name is Wolfgang, but they call him Wolfie. Mom said she got him when she was about a sophomore in high school. So she's had him for about 7 years which is a lot longer than she had us. Sadly, she had to leave him with her parents when she got married to our lap daddy. We'll share some of the pictures of this Wolfie fella'.

He has been getting a lot bigger lately. This picture kinda shows how big he really is. Much bigger than we are!
Here are Wolfie's paws. They are big too!Mom likes this picture because it shows the really cool red spot in Wolfie's eye. It's always been there and they think it's pretty unique.Finally, here is mom holding Wolfie, followed by her holding me a few weeks ago. You can really tell our difference in size. She cut her hair too! Can you tell? It's still long enough that we can climb it.

We'll post more pictures of ourselves later. We have some very special pictures to show you guys of a great package we received in the mail a few weeks ago.