Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Poor Wrigley

Oh poor Wrigley!! Penelope seems to think that Wrigley is her mommy and enjoys suckling from him. Obviously no milk comes out, but Penelope gets endless amounts of pleasure from it. She spends several hours a day doing this, and Wrigley just lays there and takes it. What a trooper!!

Sorry it's pretty dark. But you can hear Penelope and see her little white paws. You can see a little bit more towards the end. Even though you can't see much, it's still really cute!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is our very first birthday!!! Instead of mancats-in-training...we are now real live mancats!! This is such a happy day for us. :-)

This is us on the day our beans adopted us. Wrigley is on the left and Cobalt is on the right.
I think this is also on the day that we were adopted.
Here is soon after we were adopted.
Here is Wrigley in his Halloween costume a few days ago.
And here is the both of us along with Penelope. She's too small for a costume.
Wrigley and Penelope.
And finally, all three of us.

We really have grown over the past year!!