Friday, May 30, 2008

We've Moved!

Wrigley: Guess what? We moved!! We are nearly all moved into our new place and we love it. There are 3 floors for us to run around in opposed to the 3 ROOMS we had in the apartment!! There is so much space and it is so much fun. Our favorite are the hardwood floors on the main level. If you run really fast...your legs will give out and you can slide all the way across the room. It's lots of fun and every cat should try it. It is also fun running up and down the stairs. We had never seen stairs before, but we like them.

Our mommy says the lease at our old place is over tomorrow so they have been busy moving the last of our things over and cleaning at the old place so that it is ready for when they give the keys back. After tomorrow they will get to spend all of their not work time playing with us. So overall, we are very happy with our new home.

Lastly, our mommy wants to ask you all for some purrrayers. Last week we found out our grand-mommy (our mommies mommy) has cancer. So we are very scared for her and want her to get better real soon. So please send some healing purrayers and purrs her way!! Thank you.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Wow, we certainly have been absent a lot lately! Sorry guys. Things have been so hectic lately I can barely keep up with everything. After I posted last, Wrigley ran into a little trouble with his neuter. His incision site was bleeding and we had blood trailed all over the apartment. He also had diarrhea. The following day, off to the vet we went. It seemed that his incision was just a little irritated, but for the poops...he had coccidia...AGAIN!! 10 days of pilling later, he was good as new and pooping like a champ.

The day after his medicine ended, Chris and I were off to Saint Louis for my college roommates wedding. We had an excellent time, but our flight back got screwed up and we ended up having to drive home to Virginia which took us 13 hours. Not fun!

Now that we are home, we get to start the process of moving. We get the keys to our new townhouse in 11 days and we can't wait. So things are going to be getting even more hectic since we are doing all of the moving ourselves. My brother-in-law is coming down memorial day weekend so that should be good.

And of course...our two little (and quickly getting bigger) guys are being great snoopervisors.

When they aren't snoopervising, they are knocking down our empty cabinets!
And Cobalt has decided that he likes the "higher" things in day I heard a thump and this is where I found him. He is quite the daredevil, I must say.
Wrigley decided to sit these adventures out and watch from the sidelines. Errr...the toilet!