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Friday, November 4, 2011

We Are Here!!

Another year of no posting. So sorry!! Our mommy has just been SO busy. One of mommy's friends who just LOVES kitties wants her to start blogging again, so maybe that will be the kick in the butt that she needs. Thank you to the two of you that have commented already and reminded us that today is our FOURTH BIRTHDAY!!! We are so excited to turn four. This is what we look like today.

This is me, Wrigley!! See, now I am a HUUUUUGE mancat. Probably over 20 pounds. I was doing very good on my diet, and the my favorite food was not carried at our pet store anymore so I had to change. Then I got fat again. I really hope they carry my favorite chicken yummy goodness sometime soon.

Here is my brofurr Cobalt. He is a skinny little mancat. He probably weighs around 12 pounds. He likes to run a lot and he doesn't eat a lot like me, so he doesn't need to go on a diet. And even though it's not her birthday we will show you Penelope too, since it has been so long since you all have seen us.

Hi Penelope!! She is in the middle of us, weight wise. She probably needs a diet too! She doesn't like to run much. Just lay in the sun. Cobalt and I try to get her to run and play but then she hisses and mommy and the lap daddy yell at us. We still do it anyways. ;-)

Last but not least. Back in April, our mommy and daddy got us a new sisfurr!!!! We are so excited and the best part is, she is black and white just like us. She really fits right in. Her name is Samantha.

Isn't she cute?! She really likes us, but she doesn't know how to pet gently yet so we try to stay away. She just likes to pull our furrs. Maybe she will learn to pet gently soon and then we can be even better friends!! Here is a picture of us together.

Thanks so much for checking in on us and wishing us a happy birthday! The lap daddy said he is going to get us a cake for tonight so that we can celebrate!!! We will try to be better at posting, and if you want to keep up with us elsewhere, we are friends with a lot of you on facebook, so you know how to find us!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Today is Wrigley and Cobalt's second birthday!!! Things have been so hectic that it completely slipped my mind. Thankfully, we got an e-mail from KC reminding us that today was their birthday!! Phew! I can't believe the boys are already two years old. It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing them home from the animal rescue.

I am at work right now so I don't have many pictures but for now, I'll post two that just happen to be on photobucket.

Here is Wrigley.
And Cobalt!

Everyone is doing great! Chris and I just bought our first house last Friday and they are absolutely loving it. We were temporarily in a one bedroom apartment for the last few months so they had no room to run and play so now that they have a whole house they are going crazy!! It's great to have our fun, active kitties back.

Our internet gets hooked up tomorrow and I will try to start posting more often!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cobalt: Today daddy went to work and mommy went to a friends house so we had the whole house to ourselves. We decided to get stoned but unfortunately, we made a HUGE mess in the process. We escaped the mess before daddy got home from work so he had NO idea who made it.

Our lesson - Be careful with the kitty crack.

Mommy and daddies lesson - Do NOT leave a bag of cat nip on the counter when you are not going to be home to look after it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I got nudged to post, so here I am!! Sorry we haven't been around much lately. The year got off to a stressful start but hopefully it will get better.

I'm going to begin with our precious Wolfie. He was our family cat "growing up". We got him around my sophomore year of high school when our neighbor found him as a stray and couldn't keep him. My dad HATES cats, but my mom and I persisted and he finally let us keep him. Okay, we didn't ask, we just brought him home!! Anyways, on January 31, Wolfie made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. My dad couldn't find him and searched the entire house. He finally looked in the basement and found him passed away in a back corner. We think he was heartbroken by the death of my mom in July and just couldn't stand being alone. I miss him SO much. He was around 8 or 9 years old.

RIP Wolfie

Secondly, the day after Wolfie died I suffered a miscarriage. Chris and I found out two days after Christmas that I was expecting our first child in early September. However, things didn't progress as planned and we lost our little baby. I'm still in shock over everything, but I know God has something great planned for us, and our time to be parents will come soon enough.

Finally, earlier this month Miss Penelope had her lady bits removed. She was NOT a happy camper and many funny pictures ensued.
Not her most flattering pose, but I think it was HILARIOUS. She was attempting to get at her incision.

Oh, and here are some other pictures of the little lady. Here she is sitting in a funny pose, and you can really see how much shes grown. She's not nearly as big as either of the boys, but when we adopted her they said she would be a tiny cat.

And her Valentines Day dress. She really is darling.

Finally I have our Christmas picture. Thankfully everyone was pretty cooperative and I think we got a pretty decent one.

Sorry again for not posting too much!! We're in Connecticut right now visiting Chris' family but we head back to Virginia tomorrow so I will do my best to get into a regular posting routine! I hope you all are doing well.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day!!

Today is our boys Gotcha Day!!! I can't believe we have had them for a whole year already. Time sure flies.

This photo was taken at their foster home right before we brought them home.

Here are two of my favorite pictures from once we got them. They were so tiny!!

And here they are nearly a year later. They have grown up quite nicely I think. This is Cobalt.

And here is Wrigley.

My New Years Resolution was to post more, and obviously that isn't happening!! We've had some stuff going on, and hopefully sometime in the next 2 weeks I'll be able to say more, and start posting more as well!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Christmas Card Photo!

Merry Christmas

Love Stephanie, Christopher, Penelope, Wrigley & Cobalt

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Poor Wrigley

Oh poor Wrigley!! Penelope seems to think that Wrigley is her mommy and enjoys suckling from him. Obviously no milk comes out, but Penelope gets endless amounts of pleasure from it. She spends several hours a day doing this, and Wrigley just lays there and takes it. What a trooper!!

Sorry it's pretty dark. But you can hear Penelope and see her little white paws. You can see a little bit more towards the end. Even though you can't see much, it's still really cute!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is our very first birthday!!! Instead of mancats-in-training...we are now real live mancats!! This is such a happy day for us. :-)

This is us on the day our beans adopted us. Wrigley is on the left and Cobalt is on the right.
I think this is also on the day that we were adopted.
Here is soon after we were adopted.
Here is Wrigley in his Halloween costume a few days ago.
And here is the both of us along with Penelope. She's too small for a costume.
Wrigley and Penelope.
And finally, all three of us.

We really have grown over the past year!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

We've Moved!

Wrigley: Guess what? We moved!! We are nearly all moved into our new place and we love it. There are 3 floors for us to run around in opposed to the 3 ROOMS we had in the apartment!! There is so much space and it is so much fun. Our favorite are the hardwood floors on the main level. If you run really fast...your legs will give out and you can slide all the way across the room. It's lots of fun and every cat should try it. It is also fun running up and down the stairs. We had never seen stairs before, but we like them.

Our mommy says the lease at our old place is over tomorrow so they have been busy moving the last of our things over and cleaning at the old place so that it is ready for when they give the keys back. After tomorrow they will get to spend all of their not work time playing with us. So overall, we are very happy with our new home.

Lastly, our mommy wants to ask you all for some purrrayers. Last week we found out our grand-mommy (our mommies mommy) has cancer. So we are very scared for her and want her to get better real soon. So please send some healing purrayers and purrs her way!! Thank you.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Wow, we certainly have been absent a lot lately! Sorry guys. Things have been so hectic lately I can barely keep up with everything. After I posted last, Wrigley ran into a little trouble with his neuter. His incision site was bleeding and we had blood trailed all over the apartment. He also had diarrhea. The following day, off to the vet we went. It seemed that his incision was just a little irritated, but for the poops...he had coccidia...AGAIN!! 10 days of pilling later, he was good as new and pooping like a champ.

The day after his medicine ended, Chris and I were off to Saint Louis for my college roommates wedding. We had an excellent time, but our flight back got screwed up and we ended up having to drive home to Virginia which took us 13 hours. Not fun!

Now that we are home, we get to start the process of moving. We get the keys to our new townhouse in 11 days and we can't wait. So things are going to be getting even more hectic since we are doing all of the moving ourselves. My brother-in-law is coming down memorial day weekend so that should be good.

And of course...our two little (and quickly getting bigger) guys are being great snoopervisors.

When they aren't snoopervising, they are knocking down our empty cabinets!
And Cobalt has decided that he likes the "higher" things in day I heard a thump and this is where I found him. He is quite the daredevil, I must say.
Wrigley decided to sit these adventures out and watch from the sidelines. Errr...the toilet!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brothers and Birthdays

Wrigley: We are finally making progress, can you believe it? Today is the very first morning that Cobalt hasn't hissed at me at all. He was being so mean to me the last couple of days. I couldn't even come close to him without getting hissed at, and even sometimes whapped. What a mean brother I have. Cobalt seems to be his good old self this morning, and we're hoping the attitude is gone for good. Especially me, because I like having a brother to play with. [';p=[ {{Wrigley's input}}

As you can see, the past couple of days, Cobalt hides from me...and when I find him, he gives me the laser eyes.
He was no fun at all!
This is what we looked like when we were eating. When we eat dry food, we're okay but when we get stinky goodness, Cobalt would finish and have food ALL over his collar. Silly boy.
Enough with the flashy box!
Here we are, somewhat happy with each other, looking outside.
And me by myself.Yesterday the beans couldn't find me and they looked ALL over. This is where they found me. Cobalt and I looooove to play here.
Yesterday was our mommies birthday!!! We will tell you how old she turned if you promise not to tell anyone. So shhhhhh, she turned 24! Can you see she got a little bit sunburned? It was almost 85 here yesterday. We are loooooving this warm weather. We hope it doesn't go away.
And we all know what birthdays mean....CAKE!!!

nom nom nom. This stuff is delicious. We only got a very little bit of frosting because it had some chocolate in it. :-( For our birthday, they better buy vanilla!
Can you believe what those beans did to me?!

We sure love birthdays!!! We wish we had them more often so we could eat lots and lots of cake!

P.S. Did you see the beans took off our collars? We have to be very careful though because the directions from the vet said to wear them for up to 10 days. We don't want to get in trouble. But we aren't playing rough, licking our incisions, and we are being supervised. So, I think it's okay.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

They're Back!

This is the boys this morning before they went to the vet for their big hoohaectomies. It was a long day, and I worried a TON, but they are home now and seem to be doing okay.

I got a call from the vet this morning and the vet noticed that Wrigley's big boy teeth were popping through, just like Cobalt's has previously been. So she wanted our permission to pull his baby teeth. We gave the permission and Wrigley had his 2 baby teeth pulled. Besides that, everything went smoothly...or so I thought! HAHA. I got to the vet and she gave us our total which didn't sound right to me. So, I asked if they had done everything we requested. As it turns out, they didn't chip them. So while we were there waiting, they got chipped. It must have hurt because we could hear their cries all the way up in the waiting room. Poor guys.

Anyways, now we are home, and everybody seems to be doing good. Cobalt, though, seems to be really mad. He has been hissing like crazy at Wrigley and won't seem to give him a break. Then Chris decided to hold a mirror in front of him and he hissed at his reflection. So we think he just doesn't like the collars they have to wear. Oh well...7-10 days of this stuff. I don't know how we're going to last that long. Hopefully they'll be healed up good by the end because on the 9th day my mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law are coming and they haven't met the boys yet. So I hope they're in good loving moods. Only time will tell.

Here they are right when we got home. Cute huh? The vet and all the techs just loved them. They said any time ANYBODY walked past their cage they just started crying and meowing like crazy. These boys just loved to be loved. HAHA!
I get to show off Wrigley's new look!
Chris with Cobalt. (Sorry Chris, I know this isn't your most flattering picture)

Wrigley going potty for the first time. I know, not his best place to be posing, but it was a good photo op because he was sitting still.
Laser eyes to beam these collars somewhere far away.

Can we still be man cats even though we do not have man bits? We hope the answer is yes!