Saturday, February 21, 2009


I got nudged to post, so here I am!! Sorry we haven't been around much lately. The year got off to a stressful start but hopefully it will get better.

I'm going to begin with our precious Wolfie. He was our family cat "growing up". We got him around my sophomore year of high school when our neighbor found him as a stray and couldn't keep him. My dad HATES cats, but my mom and I persisted and he finally let us keep him. Okay, we didn't ask, we just brought him home!! Anyways, on January 31, Wolfie made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. My dad couldn't find him and searched the entire house. He finally looked in the basement and found him passed away in a back corner. We think he was heartbroken by the death of my mom in July and just couldn't stand being alone. I miss him SO much. He was around 8 or 9 years old.

RIP Wolfie

Secondly, the day after Wolfie died I suffered a miscarriage. Chris and I found out two days after Christmas that I was expecting our first child in early September. However, things didn't progress as planned and we lost our little baby. I'm still in shock over everything, but I know God has something great planned for us, and our time to be parents will come soon enough.

Finally, earlier this month Miss Penelope had her lady bits removed. She was NOT a happy camper and many funny pictures ensued.
Not her most flattering pose, but I think it was HILARIOUS. She was attempting to get at her incision.

Oh, and here are some other pictures of the little lady. Here she is sitting in a funny pose, and you can really see how much shes grown. She's not nearly as big as either of the boys, but when we adopted her they said she would be a tiny cat.

And her Valentines Day dress. She really is darling.

Finally I have our Christmas picture. Thankfully everyone was pretty cooperative and I think we got a pretty decent one.

Sorry again for not posting too much!! We're in Connecticut right now visiting Chris' family but we head back to Virginia tomorrow so I will do my best to get into a regular posting routine! I hope you all are doing well.