Friday, November 4, 2011

We Are Here!!

Another year of no posting. So sorry!! Our mommy has just been SO busy. One of mommy's friends who just LOVES kitties wants her to start blogging again, so maybe that will be the kick in the butt that she needs. Thank you to the two of you that have commented already and reminded us that today is our FOURTH BIRTHDAY!!! We are so excited to turn four. This is what we look like today.

This is me, Wrigley!! See, now I am a HUUUUUGE mancat. Probably over 20 pounds. I was doing very good on my diet, and the my favorite food was not carried at our pet store anymore so I had to change. Then I got fat again. I really hope they carry my favorite chicken yummy goodness sometime soon.

Here is my brofurr Cobalt. He is a skinny little mancat. He probably weighs around 12 pounds. He likes to run a lot and he doesn't eat a lot like me, so he doesn't need to go on a diet. And even though it's not her birthday we will show you Penelope too, since it has been so long since you all have seen us.

Hi Penelope!! She is in the middle of us, weight wise. She probably needs a diet too! She doesn't like to run much. Just lay in the sun. Cobalt and I try to get her to run and play but then she hisses and mommy and the lap daddy yell at us. We still do it anyways. ;-)

Last but not least. Back in April, our mommy and daddy got us a new sisfurr!!!! We are so excited and the best part is, she is black and white just like us. She really fits right in. Her name is Samantha.

Isn't she cute?! She really likes us, but she doesn't know how to pet gently yet so we try to stay away. She just likes to pull our furrs. Maybe she will learn to pet gently soon and then we can be even better friends!! Here is a picture of us together.

Thanks so much for checking in on us and wishing us a happy birthday! The lap daddy said he is going to get us a cake for tonight so that we can celebrate!!! We will try to be better at posting, and if you want to keep up with us elsewhere, we are friends with a lot of you on facebook, so you know how to find us!!