Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Today is Wrigley and Cobalt's second birthday!!! Things have been so hectic that it completely slipped my mind. Thankfully, we got an e-mail from KC reminding us that today was their birthday!! Phew! I can't believe the boys are already two years old. It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing them home from the animal rescue.

I am at work right now so I don't have many pictures but for now, I'll post two that just happen to be on photobucket.

Here is Wrigley.
And Cobalt!

Everyone is doing great! Chris and I just bought our first house last Friday and they are absolutely loving it. We were temporarily in a one bedroom apartment for the last few months so they had no room to run and play so now that they have a whole house they are going crazy!! It's great to have our fun, active kitties back.

Our internet gets hooked up tomorrow and I will try to start posting more often!