Friday, February 15, 2008

Here We Are!

Sorry we've been so absent lately. Things around the house have been very busy!! My cousin had a baby yesterday, Connor Scott, which is very exciting. Besides that, just still working a lot on working on getting Chris healthy again. He seemed to be feeling good yesterday, so I'm optimistic that whatever he had is out of his system. Yesterday was Valentines day and it was wonderful. After nearly 5 years of dating, this was the very FIRST Valentines Day that Chris and I got to spend together as we were a long distance couple for practically our entire time dating. Chris bought me a card from the boys and decided that they should "sign" it. So Chris traced their paws with permanent marker. (Well only Wrigley since Cobalt was who knows where) Now Wrigley has 2 very green paws...lets hope it's not permanent. :-P

Today, the boys had their vet visit to get their 3rd distemper shot. They both did great. Wrigley is 4.1 pounds and Cobalt is 5.1 pounds. Cobalt has a huge fatty pouch on his belly which the doctor said was normal, so thats probably the cause for his being much heavier than Wrigley. The trip home from the vet was a different story. About 2 minutes into our 5 minute drive home, Cobalt I guess got scared and pooped in the carrier. By the time we got home, both of them had paws just COVERED in poop. They got little poopy paw prints all over our bathroom. I attempted at giving them both baths and now they are clean kitties. Yuck! 3 weeks from now they'll get their final distemper and rabies shot. They we just have to worry about getting them neutered. Wrigley has had diarrhea the past two days which I think MAY be due to his food. We give them each 1/2 a can of Blue Buffalo every day. But Chris also got this "Kitty Milk" at the grocery store which maybe the cause as well. We're going to stop the wet food for a few days and see if the diarrhea goes away. I brought in a sample and they checked and didn't see any Coccidia left, so thats a good sign. They are sending it to a lab for further analysis just to be sure though.

Finally, I will leave you with some photos from the past week.

We'll start with Cobalt. First, him and Wrigley pulled down a blanket from the futon and somehow created themselves this tent. They're mighty talented.We think we should nickname him "SuperKitty" since he slept like this for a good long time.Or makes himself look like an "L".And hanging upside down off a pillow. I don't know how he could possibly be comfortable.Then we shared a moment. He didn't seem to like it too much.Mr Handsome.
And now for Wrigley. He looked ready to play.Then we shared a moment. I think he liked it a little bit more. He is just SO cute.
And some together pictures. They LOVE to cuddle when we sleep.And cuddle when they sleep.Chris would pound me if he knew I posted this, but see how they like to get RIGHT up close!They love to help me blog.And look outside and wish they could be there.
Wednesday, we had an AWFUL ice storm. I've never seen ice like this before. The boys enjoyed it from indoors!
The ice over my WHOLE car was this thick!!
Yesterday, Chris and I bought the boys ties. After all, they are Tuxedo Cats and whats a Tuxedo without a tie?

HEHE, we love them SO much!


Daisy said...

Those little ties are adorable on the babies! I also like seeing the funny sleeping positions.

twocatsandafish said...

Oh my gosh the ties are so cute! I also love the "right up close" pictures and funny sleeping pictures. Jezebel is big on sleeping in weird positions.

And that is some major ice!

As for the diarrhea, Delilah has chronic "soft stools" which can be diarrhea, but it's not from anything upsetting her stomach. She just doesn't get enough fiber. If you can't find the solution to the problem, you can try canned pumpkin (without the seasons, sometimes they add nutmeg and stuff to it). I give Delilah a bit (like a small spoonful) of canned pumpkin mixed with her wet food three times a week, and she hasn't had any constipation or diarrhea in over a year. You can freeze canned pumpkin and it defrosts fine, as I know those cans are huge and a spoonful a day would take forever to go through. :)


DEBRA said...

Oh these were some of the best pictures to date. How adorable these two little tuxies are. I just adore the pictures of them sleeping...


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Oh no! Those ties are precious!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Fabulous Tuxie Fashion!

MoMo said...

The boys are just toooooooo cute! They are adorable and SS wants to squeeze them.

That ice is awesome. We don't get snow or ice here at all.

Keep warm, little guys!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

You two are SO cute! You look adorable in your ties. :) Glad to hear the vet trip went well, and we hope the diarrhea goes away. Dragonheart has some food allergies (he's allergic to chicken) so he gets venison food, since his stools were always very soft on chicken-based foods.

Jan said...

Oh, those ties are absolutely adorable on those guys. They are handsome.

Thanks for coming by and leaving messages. We checked Baby's blog just now and her owner knows where she is but the thieves won't give her back and the police won't help.

We hope Baby is returned.
Jan's Funny Farm

Gandalf & Grayson said...

They look so cute with their ties! And just how quickly they are growing!

Princess said...

Wrigley and Cobalt are a lot like Caesar and I when we were kittens... snuggly and stretchy.

these pictures are really super cute!

Eric and Flynn said...

Those are cute pikchurs of you two. You look adorable in your ties. Those are funny sleeping purrzishuns. We don't know how anycat can sleep like that. Mum sez we used to do eggsackly the same thing, but we fink she must be mistaken.

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