Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We're Back!!

Cobalt: Sorry we've been gone for so long and so unexpectedly. Our lapdaddies brother and wife along with 2 babies came to visit. It was hard having to share our space with them. On the first day, our mombean stopped by during her work and found us hiding behind the refrigerator. But eventually, we were used to them and came out more. The beans took pictures with them so we can post those hopefully tomorrow.

Then, last weekend our beans left us. Can you believe it? They went somewhere called Chicago where our mombean grew up. They went for a wedding and left us home alone. But we had a cat babysitter person come to take care of us. It was nice that they had somebody to come look after us. A girl named Kim came two times over the weekend to play with us and make sure we had food and water. She was really nice. The most awful thing about the trip though, is when the beans got home, we found pictures of ANOTHER kitty on their camera. So not cool. Mom said that this cats name is Wolfie, well his real name is Wolfgang, but they call him Wolfie. Mom said she got him when she was about a sophomore in high school. So she's had him for about 7 years which is a lot longer than she had us. Sadly, she had to leave him with her parents when she got married to our lap daddy. We'll share some of the pictures of this Wolfie fella'.

He has been getting a lot bigger lately. This picture kinda shows how big he really is. Much bigger than we are!
Here are Wolfie's paws. They are big too!Mom likes this picture because it shows the really cool red spot in Wolfie's eye. It's always been there and they think it's pretty unique.Finally, here is mom holding Wolfie, followed by her holding me a few weeks ago. You can really tell our difference in size. She cut her hair too! Can you tell? It's still long enough that we can climb it.

We'll post more pictures of ourselves later. We have some very special pictures to show you guys of a great package we received in the mail a few weeks ago.


Poppy Q said...

Wolfie is huge, but kinda cute.

Nice to see you guys are back, I miss you.

MoMo said...

Nice hearing from you again! I miss you!

Unfortunately it's my turn to stay quiet for a while becasue my SS is going to be 'beeezzzy'. Stupid bees!

Wolfie is big but any kitty is big compared to you two cutie pies.

Daisy said...

Wolfie is a very nice looking cat and big, too! But I think you are cuter.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

He IS a very big cat, but yous are still kittens. Give it time and you will grow up big too!

My Bean used to have a tabby cat named Wolfie too. She not have any pictures of him though.

PB & J said...

Glad to have you guys back!

Wolfie looks like a cool ManCat - it won't be long at all and you guys will be just as big!

jenianddean said...

Wolfie is a very handsome kitty! I bet he was happy to see your mom. But probably not as happy as you all were to see her after the weekend.!!

Glad you all are back!
Jasper McKitten-Cat

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

Wolfie is nice big mancat! He is kinda like your long distance big brother!

Princess said...

Hi Cobalt and Wrigley.
I just found this.
I am so happy your beans are home now. I am happy you survived the visitors. Hiding behind the fridge sounded like a very good plan. Once when I was a kitten I hid behind the washer. Mom made me come out adn then I was all black.

Wolfie looks like a wonderful guy!
I like his red spot! I love his stripy furs. He looks like a very good boy. I am so happy that your beans parents can take good care of him without your mombean. She must miss him a lot, and it is good that you two are around to help her with everything.


Junior said...

Wolfie looks like he is a great cat! I can't wait to see what was in your packages!

snowforest said...

What a mighty mancat Wolfie is ~ furry handsome!

Purrs from the SnowForest family :)

Adan*Michico said...

Wolfie is very very handsome and tender~~ I can see Wolfie is very easy to be with!!! I am very happy!

I miss you, too~!!!
Thanks for encourage me deal with my tiny brother.

momsbusy said...

wolfie looks like a really kool kat. he is big but someday yu will be big too! we is glad yu is back


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