Friday, March 28, 2008


Wrigley: You guys will NEVER believe what has been going on with us!! Okay, maybe you will, but we sure don't believe it. Guess what was at our house last weekend? A WOOFIE!! Yes, a real live woofie, and we didn't like it one bit.

Cobalt: Actually Wrigley is lying..we really didn't like it. We were scared stiff of him.

Wrigley: No, YOU were scared stiff of him. I at least got close to the cage. But anyways, our mom bean's cousin has this dog called Riley. Well her cousin and her husband went off to Saint Louis (maybe they went to see the meezers?) for Easter and they left Riley here with us. When he first came, we were really scared and we hid in the shower.

Cobalt: Yep, we both were in the shower and we had to puff up really big so that we could show the woofie that he was in our territory and we were not going to put up with it. We hissed and made scary noises but the woofie wasn't scared. He just wanted to play. But we wanted none of that. Sooo, the beans had us locked up in the guest bedroom (which is really ours!) and we only got to come out a little bit each day when the Riley woofie is in his cage. We guess it was not so bad but we didn't like not having free reign of the apartment.

Wrigley: Thankfully the woofie is left on Monday to go back to his house. I hope our beans never want to get a woofie. Now, we will show you some pictures of us and the woofie. Mombean says she is sorry they are of such poor quality but she was shooting fast and not fooling with the camera settings.

Here we are right after Riley arrived at our house. We were stuck in the shower and boy, were we scared!!
All Riley wanted to do was play.
And eat his bone...
Which I decided looked delicious, so I had a taste too!But we decided to keep our distance and watch Riley (who was locked in a cage while were out) from underneath an end table. (See our new PTU, we LOVE it, and we go in it to cuddle even when we aren't going to the vet. It's great. The beans are going to buy another one so we can each have our own...we're almost big enough to not have to share!!)
However, after being coaxed by some treats, I decided to get a little closer.
And that was about as close as we got!! Woofies are so scary!

P.S. Sorry it has taken us SO long to post yet again. We have had this entry typed up since last Saturday and for some reason, blogger wouldn't let us add pictures. :-( So the bean decided to use photobucket instead. Then on Monday, the beans had their very first wedding anniversary so they were a little busy going out to dinner and stuff. Oh, and another thing we forgot to say in our absence, Cobalt and I both had double ear infections two weeks ago! We had to get our ears cleaned twice a day and get medicines. It was no fun but we're glad we're all better now. And in related news, on April 10th, we both get our manbits taken away.

Anyways in closing, we will show you some of the beans favorite pictures from their wedding.




Gattina said...

First wedding anniversary ?? So cute ! (I have 38 behind me and 39 to come this year) Beautiful wedding pictures ! and then I love your doggie story ! and you two blown up black fur balls, lol ! Woofies and cats go very well together don't be afraid the next time he wouldn't harm you.

PB & J said...

Happy anniversary to your beans!!!

Wow you guys really didn't like that woofie! Ours is ok, but she took a lot of getting used to!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

When woofies come in my territories I puff up really big and hiss and scare them off. They do not stay here! Except for the floofyhead ones that are too stoopid to leave.

Irishtwin418 said...

oooo they are getting so big and i haven't seen them. They're hair sticking up in the shower. He He He.

Derby said...

Good looking halloween cat poses with the arched backs. The closest I get to a woofie is the ones in the next yard. Big fence between us and I am inside.

Happy anniversary to your beans. Must have been a nice day, no one has coats on.

Aunt Jessica said...

That first picture is too cute! And happy belated anniversary to your beans!

Moki said...

Them doggies are so bad once you get to know auntie has two, and I get to visit them whenever I go to see the neurologist at UC Davis (we always stay with my auntie for a day or two...) They likes to bark lots, but dont let their big size fool you...they are nothing but a bunch of kitties at heart!

Catgradulations on your beans wedding anniversary!

meemsnyc said...

Sorry you were afraid of the woofie! The woofie doesn't look mean. He looks nice behind that cage. :)

Black Cat said...

Happy anniversary to your beans. For some reason the wedding pictures have been invisibleised by Blogger, though the photos of you and the woofie and there:) xxx

Gandalf & Grayson said...

Wow, that woofie looked pretty scairty to us too! You did a great job puffing up to Giant Kitty size!

Happy Anniversary to your Mom & Dad! Hooray!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Nice wedding photos. Congrats on their first anniversary.

We're glad to see you back. But don't hate woofies. There are 3 of us here and 6 cats. We get along. We kitties are so accustomed to being around woofies any more that if Jan brings a rescue woofie home, we ignore them when they want to play. Or, as Cotton did to Barkley the puppy, whap them on the nose.

Daisy said...

I saw your comment today, and we use a Canon XTi (we just got it a few months ago). We also got a separate Macro lens that we use for some of the close-up shots. I think you have some awesome photos on your blog!

topcatrules said...

Woo hoo! Great pictures on your blog - wedding pics and woofie pics and also the pics of you two.

You are gorgeous!! :)

Mickey said...

WOW!!! You two look cool all puffed up! Good thing that woofie had a cage. I would not like a big woofie running around my house either!!
You guys are getting big! Just as cute as ever though!!!!
Happy Anniversary to your Mom & Dad!!!
Purrs Mickey

MoMo said...

The woofie looks friendly and quite cute too - not as cute as you two though. Really like that one of you puffing up in the shower.

Great wedding photos. You mommy looks beautiful and radiant.

I am here to thankyou for visitng me and purring for me while I was so ill recently. I am overwhelmed by the kindness shown by friends and strangers alike in the cat blogosphere. You are wonderful kitties (and beans)!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, yoo boys is getting so grown up! Don't let da woofie scare yoo, it is yoor house and he hast obey yoor rules. When da nefews woofie came here we telled him wif whaps what not to do and he's learned purrty good...Happy anniversary to yoor mom and dad!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Those are beautiful wedding photos! Congratulations to your humans on their first wedding anniversary!

You guys sure puffed up a lot when the woofie first arrived! Wow! Since we have no fur, we don't puff up.

We are glad the woofie is gone now, since you didn't like having him there.

Eric and Flynn said...

Happy Annie's Versary to your mum and dad. They are lovely pikchurs. We loved the pikchurs of you bofe puffed up, that wuz kyoot. We don't see woofies furry often. Only the gun dogs in the winter, but we keep out of the way.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy 1st anniversary to your beans! Those pictures are very pretty.
You two looked very scary all puffed up in the shower. If I were Riley, I would have been scared. He looks like a nice friendly woofie tho.
Glad you're all ok!

Parker said...

Let me say I am sorry in advance...but my Mommy laughed out loud at the shower picture!

The Cat Realm said...

You have some very handsome humans! very pretty weeding pictures!
That dog is BIG! No wonder you were scared and had to puff up your fur!!!!
We are glad the dog left again....
We will purr for you on April 10 - but believe me - it's no big deal - we all here had it done!

THE ZOO said...

Happy Furst Anniversary to yur beans. those are gud pichures.

its gud yoo had company. maybe yoo gotted somewhut comfy wiff yur woofer couzin and next tyme he comes by yall can hang owt. he luks lyk a gud woofie and it luks lyk yoo enjoyed his boene sum.

jenianddean said...

OH, happy belated anniversary! The wedding pictures are so cute!

And having a drooler in your house is NEVER cool! I hope you all gave him the business!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

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